Our choice of material is central in designing timeless pieces for your home

Stainless Steel

Our metal furniture and mirrors are handmade in a durable stainless-steel material. We use
five different finishes on the steel surface: polished brass, brushed brass, black chrome,
silver chrome and black powder coat. Depending on what finish you go for the expression of
the product will vary. Are you looking for some glam and finesse then the brass surface
might be the right choice for you? But if you are looking for a more minimalistic and
industrial feel you probably would go for the chrome or black powder coat? Whichever is
your choice of finish, all our metal pieces are timeless and something to adore many years to

View and shop selected products in the material category down below. Continue reading to learn more about how to take care of your favorite stainless steel pieces. If you still have questions regarding maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email or giving us a call. To see and feel the material, please stop by our Concept Store in central Stockholm. You find address details and opening hours here.

Care Instructions

  • Dust off polished stainless steel and metal finishes regularly with a feather duster or soft clean cloth.
  • Wipe spills immediately.
  • Remove stubborn stains with tepid water and wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Do not let it air dry since water can stain stainless steel and cause damaged chromium-plated and lacquered steel surfaces to rust or lose color.
  • Never use hot water, chemicals or adhesive removers. If you are using chemicals when cleaning some material close to the metal, make sure not to spill it on the metal finish.