Our choice of material is central in designing timeless pieces for your home

Solid Wood & Wood Veneer

Depending on the object, we use solid wood and wood veneer for our wooden furniture. Veneer signifies thin slices of wood that are glued and pressed onto core panels. Veneer furniture is not prone to aging effects such as splitting or warping. Also, veneer is a more environmentally friendly alternative since only the outermost layer of the furniture is made from wood. Furthermore, veneer furniture helps to conserve natural resources – while still maintaining the beautiful natural aesthetic found in 100% solid wood. With veneering it is also easier to locate particularly beautiful patterns in the wood’s grain and incorporate them into the aesthetic of the design.

View and shop selected products in the material category, such as Mercer Cabinet and Erin Side Table among others, down below. If you have any questions regarding maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact us. To see and feel the material, please stop by and say hi in our Concept Store in central Stockholm. You find adress details as well as opening hours here.

Care Instructions

  • Wood veneer requires gentle care to preserve the finish.
  • Dust regularly and clean with a soft dry cloth.
  • Remove spills immediately as moisture can cause the veneer to peel off the surface.
  • Prevent moisture from getting underneath the veneer by quickly and thoroughly clean any spill.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat or dampness.
  • Use coasters and place felt pads under lamp bases and accessories.

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