Our Story

Ruth & Joanna was founded in 2012 with the vision of bringing some glamour and elegance to the interior scene of Scandinavia. The founder, Susanne Lundberg had a dream to design and create the perfect coffee table and she travelled the world to find inspiration, materials of good quality and trustful manufacturers. After several years as an interior blogger and editor, she had found something she thought was missing in the market and the idea of her own furniture brand was established. The name comes from her two grandmothers, Ruth and Joanna, and is today a celebration of their own unique style and attitude.

In august 2014, Ruth & Joanna launched its first collection of furniture, with coffee- and sidetables made of a subtile mix of gold finish and mirror glass. In 2016 we launched the art-deco inspired “Fiona Collection” which consists of an interesting combination of velvet and brass. Thanks to a neat design Ruth & Joannas pieces easily fit in different environments and contexts.

Today Ruth & Joanna´s furniture collection has grown and new pieces are added continuously, all designed with a mix of elegance and glamour which now is the very essence of a Ruth & Joanna design. Ruth & Joanna is now available in ten stores and online stores located in Sweden and Finland.



Our Collection

The Ruth & Joanna furniture collection involves bigger furniture like chairs and tables but also smaller details that sets the mood of a room, like pillows and trays. Working with materials like brass, steal, glass and velvet, the finished products have there own unique style and finish. News are added to the collection gradually to always make sure that the next product is a natural extension of the brand´s core design values.


Our Vision

Ruth & Joanna´s vision is to create pieces with maximalist materials but with a minimalistic design. To create interior details that will make any room pop and make it more interesting. To create something of value and a piece that will last forever and become something that it’s owner cherish. To add some glamour to homes and to make the atmosphere of a room a little more elegant and chic.


Contact Us

For inquiries regarding the products, please contact info@ruthjoanna.com

For press inquiries, PR and high-resolved pictures, please contact Sofia Nordblom at press@ruthjoanna.

Worldwide Shipping

Are you an international customer that want’s to buy your own Ruth & Joanna item? Just email us at info@ruthjoanna.com and we will be glad to help you.